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The Answer To Life Management Is
Not External — It’s Internal

Most people live their lives trapped within just five senses.

While the sweet taste of a strawberry in summer is pleasurable, you have a sixth sense which is more beneficial than every one of your five senses… combined.

When you reconnect with this most powerful sense, you can tune into a universally shared understanding of the world. By becoming closer to your most developed and authentic representation of your life, you can…

Connect To Your Innate Psychic Abilities & Receive Spiritual Guidance On All Levels

The world today is full of noise — news, conflicts and stresses that distort your spiritual sixth sense.

All the noises of external pressures create a static, which drowns out the frequency of your intuition — causing you to make hasty decisions with your head based on what you think is logical… instead of basing these significant decisions on the spiritual intuition of your heart and what feels right.

But when you learn how to quiet the noise of daily life, you will be able to tune into the wisdom of your own inner-voice and…

“Most authentic person in psychic phenomena”

“Sonia Choquette is the most authentic person in psychic phenomena I have ever encountered.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

bestselling author of Excuses Begone!,
Wishes Fulfilled and The Power of Intention.

Activate The Intuitive Force Within You That Has Guided Life’s Greatest Thinkers, Artists & Business Owners

The greatest decision makers and life achievers throughout time weren’t exactly “book smart.” They just knew how to listen to their inner-self. They know how to tune in and connect with their innate psychic power.

In fact, history’s most influential people were not any different from you, aside from one major thing: they knew how to tap into their intuition. They knew how to connect with the inner voice.

The same voice that you have inside of you right now, waiting for you to answer its calling.

“In my world, Sonia is tops!”

“I love Sonia Choquette. She’s a beautiful, sweet soul with a Divine connection. She shows how you too, can connect with your own psychic abilities. In my world, Sonia is tops!”

Louise L. Hay

bestselling author of You
Can Heal Your Life.

Tap Into The Ultimate Intuitive Power You Were Born With

Your psychic ability started growing when you were no bigger than a pinky nail. And it still exists right now, waiting within you to be utilized.

What’s more, is that your intuition is calling out to you at this very moment. Your innate connection to life wants you to reconnect — because it knows what is best for you. It is an all-powerful voice that wants to help guide your questions, thoughts, and decisions, and is waiting for you to tune in.

You might recognize when your inner voice speaks to you, by the way you immediately feel completely empowered, connected, and fully relaxed — no matter your surroundings or your environment.

Yet, this feeling doesn’t have to be temporary, when you learn how to tune into your intuition when and wherever you need it.

So, trust in your intuition, because it has always had your highest good in mind, by enrolling in your Positive Intuition Introductory Course today.


In Your Positive Intuition Introductory
You Will Learn How To:



End a life of commotion, external demand, and stress. Guide yourself to better moments — from the small things that matter such as getting a better parking spot, to life-changing new connections.



Reconnect with your spiritual source and let the abundant healing energies flow from you to all those you meet, love and care about.



Strengthen your once quiet voice to one of great power. Fully connect with the people around you and grow your levels of empathy far greater than what you thought possible.



Navigate through any obstacle on your path. Tune in with your psychic ability, and generate creative solutions to any problem you face — build bridges and opportunities where only struggle existed before.



Live an authentic life full of purpose. Listen to your highest and most authentic self, so you can live a heartfelt life.

Created By
America’s #1 Intuition Expert, Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette is known as the world’s foremost expert on the subject of human intuition. She has written 23 bestselling books on intuition (her books are published in 40 countries and translated into 37 languages), and she has been frequently featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, Inc., USA TODAY, Los Angeles Times and The London Times. She holds a Ph.D. in metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and is the host of her own weekly radio show, Six Sensory Living.

In this Introductory Course, Sonia will be giving you some of the best tools from her 35 years of experience doing almost daily one-on-one intuitive consultations for tens of thousands of people.

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3-Part Video Series On Developing Intuition

Develop a more intimate relationship with your intuition in your 3-part Positive Intuition lesson series on how you can instantly and dramatically transform every aspect of your life with the spiritual guidance of your own intuition, without mistaking its guidance for egoic, or wishful thinking.

Part 3
FREE Online Training With Sonia Choquette

And lastly take your learning deeper with a FREE 60-minute Online Training with Sonia Choquette, where you’ll learn how you can make intuition into a powerful force in all aspects of your life.

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