Regain & Restore Your Real Power Through A Systematic Approach To Enhancing Your Human Potential

Consciousness Engineering is a technique that will help you create extraordinary levels of success by shifting the two things that truly define who you are as a human being.

Introducing Consciousness Engineering

Consciousness Engineering is a framework and program built by personal growth pioneer and computer engineer Vishen Lakhiani.

What Vishen has done with this program is gather many of the world’s greatest teachers in different fields and teach in a way where you get to rapidly adopt their beliefs, behaviours, and habits.

Having personally built a 100 million-dollar company, Vishen is able to be in a position where he can pick up the phone and simply call bestselling authors, teachers, coaches, and even billionaires to ask them to share their knowledge…

To find out what makes them different from others, and what their ‘secrets’ to success are.

He created Consciousness Engineering to share this knowledge with you, from literally the most successful, accomplished people in the world.

This lets you collect success traits, and integrate them into your life with breathtaking ease.

This saves you from poring through books, endless blog posts, and YouTube videos…

With Consciousness Engineering you can trust that we curate the most high impact training in the world.

This means your most precious resource — your time — is invested in the most high-impact education possible.

Enjoy An Ever Increasing Selection of
Transformational Episodes

When you join Consciousness Engineering, you’ll immediately get access to incredible training from world-class experts such as:

How It Works

Understand the Framework

Discover how the consciousness engineering framework effortlessly integrates new beliefs and habits into your life

Get Coached By The World’s Most Extraordinary People

Gain powerful, applicable insights from Best-selling authors, Bio-Hackers, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, Sex Experts, Meditation Gurus and more. We find the world’s most fascinating people and have them share their most valuable insights.

Rapidly “Upgrade” Key Areas of Your Life

Experience dramatic improvements to your health, wealth, spirituality and fulfilment by embracing new systems for living and models for reality.

Feedback From Other Members Of The Program

“This program has upgraded every area of my life and I am eternally grateful.”

I knew about Mindvalley for a long time and I am a fan. When I hit 39 years old, some areas of my life were not exactly where I wanted them to be, in work and in my personal life.

When I first heard about Consciousness Engineering, especially at $29 per month, it was a simple decision to try it out.

Today, my shifts in beliefs have been massive and I look forward to every new episode. I watch them with my whole team at the office. Everyone is more productive, inspired and we share notes on what we can apply in our lives. One of the systems I learned, I practice with my kids every night and it has brought us closer.

I’m a sponge for personal growth and Consciousness Engineering gives me the top insights I can apply immediately, from top authors in the industry.

This program has upgraded every area of my life and I am eternally grateful.

Nico Smit
Founder of

“My relationship with supervisors and boss is totally changed for the better.”

Consciousness Engineering was the perfect product for me. I constantly mirror top performers to bring out the best in myself. The concept of Systems and Models explained by Vishen allowed me to have a clear structure on seeing where I stand, and where I want to go. Buying Consciousness Engineering took me there. Shifts happen on every episode, throughout the whole episode. My life is better tenfold. My relationship with supervisors and boss is totally changed for the better. I have a new sense of purpose and people around me know it. It has not only helped me get more success financially, but in every area of my life. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Glenn Mate
Adjunct instructor at Connecticut Fire Academy

“It’s really inspiring.”

The concept of getting fresh ideas from multiple authors every month makes sense to me. I listen to all of them more than once to grasp all of the content in each call. It’s really inspiring. I usually have difficulty sticking to programs online, but this one I always stay interested. It’s like a unique gym with new classes every month. I started from a place of wanting to make a shift in my life. Consciousness Engineering has been a large step in the right direction, and each month I feel empowered with new beliefs, new habits that bring me closer to my ideal state.

I apply some of the mindfulness practices with my 10-year-old son and it helps calm him and sleep better. Thanks for putting this product out there Vishen and looking forward to new content.

Nathifa Akbar-Edwards

Who Is The Architect Behind The
Consciousness Engineering Project?

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the fastest-growing personal growth companies on the planet. Vishen is most famous for taking $700 and turning it into a $100 million company — with no loans or VC money. In doing so, Mindvalley has revolutionized the personal growth industry and has won over three million active customers, subscribers, and raving fans. Leading a team of 200 people at Mindvalley HQ (voted by Inc. Magazine as one of the World’s Coolest Workplaces), his goal is to revolutionize the global education system by bringing to the forefront transformational and personal growth education, and making these practices more mainstream.

Vishen is also part of the Innovation Board of the X-Prize Foundation and an active philanthropist, with a goal to give away one billion dollars by 2049. Vishen applies Consciousness Engineering to all aspects of his life and business — from Mindvalley to Awesomeness Fest, to his career and daily habits.


Get Coached By The World’s Best Teachers

As the saying goes, “you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Consciousness Engineering will help you level up, by gaining proximity to the world’s top performers.

As all successful people know, continuous learning and growth are the hallmarks of all high achievers and the Consciousness Engineering program will make this a process a fun, convenient, and incredibly affordable way to make this happen.

Another unique element of Consciousness Engineering is how Vishen Lakhiani connects the dots between all of these thinkers. Our brain works best when it creates linkages between different ideas. So you could hear a speaker talk about parenting, and Vishen can connect that class to something you may have heard about meditation, or hacking health and wellness.

This creates linkages in your brain that allow you to retain and absorb this information even faster. This is one of the unique abilities that Vishen has: to take vast amounts of information and connect them in ways that make it meaningful and easy to remember.

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We bring you the most amazing coaches on the planet to share their most high impact knowledge.

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