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“Most authentic person in psychic phenomena”

Sonia Choquette is the most authentic person in psychic phenomena I have ever encountered.

  • Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
    Bestselling author of Excuses Begone!, Wishes Fulfilled and The Power of Intention.

“Trust her vibes.”

With every word, Sonia’s gift to simplify the seemingly complex and arcane ‘hidden world’ of inner wisdom brings truth closer to the heart.

  • Billy Corgan
    Singer, songwriter, and founder of the Smashing Pumpkins.

“In my world, Sonia is tops!”

I love Sonia Choquette. She’s a beautiful, sweet soul with a Divine connection. She shows how you too, can connect with your own psychic abilities. In my world, Sonia is tops.

  • Louise L. Hay
    Bestselling author of You Can Heal Your Life.

What Students Say About Sonia Choquette


“Your energy and insight are the best”

Your message on stage was great. You have opened my heart to what my eyes were hiding. The combination of your energy and information you emitted was empowering to me. However the energy of your giving of a heartfelt hug has elevated me to an energy level i have not experienced in a long time. I will do my best to give that goodwill energy you have provided to me and share it with others around me. Looking forward to my next Sonia Choquette experience.

  • Tony Brasacchio
    Melbourne, Australia

“You taught me how to reconnect”

I stumbled on your book “Grace, Guidance and Gifts” in my local library, and was instantly connected and understood this book. Very suprising to me as have felt disconnected from everything in my life and have tried to “reconnect” with no success. Now I don’t feel alone and unsupported in the world, and am working on myself to improve and grow to becoming a better person. I refer to it daily and whenever I need to read such beautiful words, I open to a page, and feel very comforted. Thank you so much for publishing such an amazing book.

  • Despina

“Best presenter at I Can Do It!”

I was just at the I Can Do It weekend in Melbourne. Your session yesterday was by far my favourite session of the weekend.

I had read one of your books previously and was looking forward to hearing you speak. But I was just blown away by your presentation. Your obvious enthusiasm for what you do is infectious — as evidenced by the fact you had 3,000 people dancing with you three times!

  • Gordana

“Thanks for getting me through the last 3 years!”

My heartfelt thanks to you, Ryan, everyone on Sonia’s team, and to Sonia for helping me survive the last several years. I just had another reading this morning, and I want to give thanks for all the gifts I’ve received from Sonia’s readings over the last three years. The help and guidance I’ve received has been invaluable, and I don’t really have words to express my level of gratitude. Sonia is a blessing in this world, and she couldn’t do what she does without the rest of you wonderful people!!

  • Alice Angell Green


I’m enjoying immensely this course. It’s the kind of spiritual guiding I’ve always wished for. Deeply kind, wise, playful and soul oriented.

  • Tatiana Rivero
    Vancouver, Canada

“You got me back on track”

Just finished reading, “Trust your Vibes” (for the 2nd time) I Loved it!. Having always been a strongly intuitive person most of my life, I had lost my “trust” in distinguishing my intuition from my my (vivid..) imagination. I became hopelessly confused about my true intuitive guidance vs. my egoic, anaylitical confused, self-talk! Your book served as a strong, practical reminder as to how to get back on track… putting your words into action has really helped.

  • Linda
    North Carolina

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