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What People Say About Sonia Choquette

Julia Cameron

Author of The Artist’s Way

“Sonia Choquette is a masterful teacher”

“Sonia Choquette is a masterful teacher. Her light touch and firm guidance make opening to the intuitive gifts of the spirit a safe, sacred, and playful process.”

Wayne W. Dyer

Author of 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

“Sonia Choquette is the most authentic person”

“Sonia Choquette is the most authentic person in psychic phenomena I have ever encountered.”

Louise L. Hay

Author of You Can Heal Your Life

“In my world, Sonia is tops!”

“Sonia Choquette shows how you, too, can connect with your own psychic abilities. In my world, Sonia is tops!”

More Feedback from Students

“It’s the kind of spiritual guiding I’ve always wished for. Deeply kind, wise, playful and soul oriented.”

Tatiana Rivero

“Challenges your way of thinking and nurtures you on a path of controlled and functional psychic awareness.”


“Truly a wealth of information and the meditations are priceless.”

Rebecca Wigley

“Sonia is the most exciting spiritual teacher and vibrational healer-author.”

Cuky Harvey

“I learned so much about myself – what I think I had been denying.”

Jennifer Anderson

“I gave it a try with the feeling that this could be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Success Stories From Students Who Mastered Sonia Choquette’s Trainings

“I love the meditations and the overall structure of the course.”

“I love the meditations and the overall structure of the course. Taking it has had a major impact on my life. Having trained my intuition with the “Tune In” course: after doing the breathing exercise twice in the early morning (because it felt so good), I acted without thinking … intuitively … and found a way out of a rather strenuous situation I felt completely trapped in a way, which would have had never “come to mind” before, as my rational mind would have never “allowed” me to do what my intuitive mind KNEW was the only possible solution. Amazing!”


From Germany

“A Well Done Course!”

“Sonia’s course was very well done. It paralleled many things I have learned from the spiritual tradition I carry, which is an earth wisdom tradition. It was a good blend of intuitive work and practical recommendations. I love her meditations as well. Thank you!”


From Wisconsin

“This meditation has proven itself to be a really most helpful tool for me.”

“I am almost through the first week’s lessons, and it really does work for me! Right now I am going through challenging times, and have — with the help of your Tune In program — found out, that my first chakra, my sense of security, being financially unstable, with a fear of losing a place to stay, is the first issue I need to tackle, work on… And just by defining my fears, they were not such big issues anymore. Amazingly, the meditations that I got with the program, are the best led meditations I heard. I am meditating each morning, and this has proven itself to be a very helpful tool for me. Sonia, thank you for your insights, warmth and everything you are! :)”

Mirta Lijovic

From Croatia


“The premise behind Tune In is to learn to use one’s own inner guidance”

It’s probably fair to say that I use Tune In quite often and have for a long time. You see, I had been to a workshop by Sonia Choquette several years before the program where she spoke and taught much of the same technique, though she didn’t call it “Tune In”. Anyway, one instance where I’ve used Tune In that really made an impact was in my career. I’m an NYC Public school teacher (Special Education and Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages). Over the last several years, the profession has been overhauled in a way that resulted in a LOT of fear among many educators. Along with the Common Core Curriculum came a new teacher evaluation system (The Danielson Framework). I’ll cut to the chase: this framework has many components under which a teacher is rated AND includes several observations that take place unexpectedly. Most observations can happen right in the middle of a lesson without warning. Of course in any profession, an employee should expect their supervisor to come around at any time, but consider this happening with a new set of administrators and a new position that involves co-teaching with a stranger and you have a recipe for ANXIETY!!! There wasn’t a day that went by for the school year that I wasn’t a nervous wreck. Though my partner and I planned all of our lessons together, there was that sense of worry that I would get rated on how she performed during a lesson as well as that sense of concern that I would somehow cause her rating to be low should I not deliver. By the time June rolled around, I was sure that I couldn’t go back in September.

But over the summer, I had an epiphany! I realized that the fear that had been controlling me was all a state of mind. Once I decided to get out of my head, I knew I had to stop thinking about me. I went into my heart and thought about the children, the second graders that I would be helping to meet the new standards and overcome challenges like learning disabilities in addition to using a new language. I went into my heart to go back to that feeling of joy when I first got into the teaching program in college. I reflected on the exhilaration I experience when I got hired several years before.

That’s when I said to myself that I was going back in September and could face anything. As long as I thought about my students when I planned my lessons and conveyed my genuine love for them when I taught them, then nothing, NOTHING could cause fear anymore. Fear can’t exist on the same plane with LOVE! Tune in is all about letting your heart do the thinking and then letting those loving thoughts go to your brain and your mind. Once that connection is made you can’t but has a positive attitude, even when you don’t have positive experiences. It’s really not what happens to us in life. It’s how we deal with what happens to us that matters.



“Such a clear communication from the unconscious about the powerful source of my anxiety.”

I just watched the first lesson of part 2 ‘Digging Deep’. I am such a storyteller that I will restrain myself from going on and on and will copy instead what I wrote in my diary from today’s exercise:

“How do you feel right now? Excited. Connected. Grateful. Blessed. More powerful. I can’t believe the dream I had last night, Jung would be proud of it, such a clear communication from the unconscious about the powerful source of my anxiety. I am ill and I am 100% sure that this is a perfect fit for the process I am going through. So grateful I can go back honouring companion species rather than using them. My hip doesn’t hurt. I am contributing to people’s lives, be it in small ordinary ways, for how I feel less filled with anxiety/internalized-violence driven daydreams.”

I want you to understand what I mean with this, because it is important and a huge achievement. What I mean by “honouring companion species” is that I don’t smoke cannabis to escape from restlessness, emotional pain and disconnection anymore. I can’t believe I don’t have it and don’t need it. I don’t want to take too much glory and pride about it because it is early days. I want to make sure this is real, and I am not just gonna find another useless strategy to meet my need to be connected.
I hope this helps you and contributes to you.

Clelia Ciardulli


“That has been a life changer in itself”

Sonia’s note was a pleasant surprise and much appreciated. Yes, I could not wait to start the program. I started out with the meditations which I absolutely love, especially the Indian Chant, so beautiful. I am Choctaw and Creek Indian with a little French. I started the first lesson only, but I need to hear it again and take notes this time so that I can practice it properly and really get it down. I have seen all of your spots on YouTube and I bought your Vitamins for the Soul, and Grace Guidance & Gifts, I wake up to it everyday, I love my Daily Prayers and the Mantra I hold with me all day long. It just seems like everyday when I read the next message it just happens to be the exact message I needed that day. It has made me feel so much better, as I have been going through some very major struggles in my life these past two years. My husband and I have decided it was just our mid-life crisis and it shall be over soon. It must be something we were suppose to experience. Your course has made me realize that everything we go through is a gift, and that has been a life-changer in itself. All I can really say to you Sonia is: thank you, and I am so grateful you are now in my life. Sending you blessings.

Judith Gottschalk

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